HK ARMY TFX 2 Loader - Turquoise/Black

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The TFX 2 delivers remarkable quality and performance by incorporating major
improvements from its predecessor. By combining top performing features from the
original model with multiple technological improvements, HK Army is proud to present a loader that provides users with the best experience paintball has to offer.

Utilizing the unique patented drive system that boasts a consistent feed rate and pairing it with the new Reactive Eye Sensor, the TFX performs better and is more reliable than its competitors. The included Lithium Ion Rechargeable battery and Speed Feed, make the TFX 2.0 the most well rounded loader on the market.

- Zero Gravity Lift Tray w/ Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
- Reactive Eye Sensor
- Epic Speed Feed
- Swoop Stack Assembly
- Hyperlock Toolless Maintenance
- Removable One Piece Tray
- QuickLid Changing System
- Extra Full Coverage Lid
- Combat Contour Low Profile Shell
- Anti Jam Feeding
- High Grade Impact Resistant Composition
- Power Button w/ LED Indicator
- Force Feed Button
- 22+ Average BPS
- Water Resistant Electronics
- USB Charging Port and Cable
- Battery Meter

Technical Specification
- Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery
- Reactive Eye Sensor
- Weight w/ Battery – 1.0lb 1.6oz
- Length – 9”
- Width – 4.3”
- Height – 3.9”
- BPS – 22+
- Battery Life (Full Charge) – 30,000+ Ball Count
- Warranty – 90 Days