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The Rogue Assault Vest comes with everything that you need - 4 General Purpose Pouches, 2 Internal Map Pouches, 6 Pod Pouches, an Airtank Pouch and even a Hydration Bladder Pouch! This vest comes with 8 adjustment points and internal meshing for maximum comfort.

Full Clip USA produces extremely durable gear; reliable enough to be purchased and worn by the US Military. Their MOLLE system vests and pouches make their gear easy to use and customize; they're also compatible with any other MOLLE system from different company's as well.

Full Clip USA tactical vests come in several styles, some with pouches already attached and others as a blank canvas - ready to be customized. All of this company's vests use the MOLLE (strap & snap) system, which makes it easy to add/change pouches and pockets for complete customizability.

To cusomize your vest or leg harness, choose from a full line of pouches, pockets and holsters that are made equally as durable as the vests they go on. Options include pod holders, small, medium and large duty pouches, air tank pockets and even paintball pistol holsters.